Philippine Vacation 2017 (Farewell Mama)

Before Mama was laid to final rest, she had her one last travel from San Francisco, CA to Manila, Philippines last August 9-11, 2017 (Returning for SFO on September 5, 2017). Her cremated body was viewed one last time by family and friends with vigil mass on her 40th day (August 15, 2017) at her own house in Sabang, #Calbayog City.
Her cremated remains travelled with her beloved family to #Tacloban #MacArthurShrine – #Leyte, #KalanggamanIsland in #Palompon, #CagsawaRuins, #MayonVolcano and finally, #Manila.
Another vigil mass was held for Mama at #SantoDomingoChurch in #Quezon City, where more family and relatives visited her. She was laid to rest at the Holy Cross Memorial Park Colombary on August 21, 2017 along with her husband Antonio Lao, Sr. and grand daughter, Bea.

The family decided to make ‘pagpag’ and head off to #KabayanBeach Resort in San Juan, Batangas immediately after the interment.

These are the shows that we’ve been during our stay in Manila:
#AllStarVideoke (Aug 24), #ASAP (aug 27), #ALovetoLast (Aug 29), #ThePromiseofForever (Aug 29), The Movie: #LoveYoutotheStars&Back (Aug 29), #EatBulaga (Sept 1), #Showtime (Sept 2), and #StarAwardsForMovies (Sept 3).


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4. (Philippine Vacation 2017 (Farewell Mama) – Kalanggaman Island)
5. (Philippine Vacation 2017 (Farewell Mama) – Calbayog P2)
6. (Philippine Vacation 2017 (Farewell Mama) – Mayon Volcano ATV)
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10 (Philippine Vacation 2017 (Farewell Mama) – Rene’s Returning Back to Utah)
11. (ASAP)
12. (A Love to Last)
13. (The Promise of Forever)
14. (The Movie: Love You to the Stars & Back)
15 (Eat Bulaga)
16. (Condolences for the family of Dr. Evelyn Tantamco Gusi)
17. (Showtime)
18. (Star Awards For Movies)

19. (Philippine Vacation 2017 (Farewell Mama – iPhone))


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I am just a regular 'T-shirt and Jeans' guy who love to travel and take pictures of beautiful people and places.
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