Post-Birthday Celebrations with Dory

A get together dinner was coordinated by Dory Pose with her celebrity friends last May 21, 2017 at the El Corazon Restaurant.
Cynthia Garcia, Tess Lagman, Dr Jose Jo Pasco, Dr Betsy Obal, Richard Lao, Irene Celebre, Ernie Garcia, Daria Ramirez, Noemi Pose, Phoebe Sarthou, Jun Soler, Racquel Montesa, Judge Eugene Paras, Joshuel Rivas, Lirio Vital, Adjette Tan, Brandie Tan, JB Adkins, et al gathered Sunday night, May 21 to post-celebrate Dory Pose’s recent birthday.
It is also considered the post birthday celebrations of Betsy, Dory, and Richard.
#RCLao @RCLao
#BradfordAdkins @JB_Adkins

About Richard Lao, CPA, MSMOT

I am just a regular 'T-shirt and Jeans' guy who love to travel and take pictures of beautiful people and places.
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