Public Square Rosary Rally 2015

A public square Rosary Rally was successfully held at the garden of the Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church (2040 Nassau Dr San Jose, CA 95122) last October 10, 2015.

It was sponsored by the America Needs Fatima, with more than 14,000 rallies that took place across the United States, and in 35 other countries that day at exactly 12:00 noon.

Together with our Virgin Mother Mary, Florence Pena, James Bradford Adkins, Lou M. Concepcion, and Richard Lao acknowledged the selfless assistance provided by Rhuddee Gaudinez Vitug, who created and led our new choir; Erlie Salangsang who led the rosary; Alex Cardenas for donating flowers; Liza de Guzman for donating Rosaries; Corie Daos, Bernard Peña, Christian Pena, Mathew & Mark Alcantara who helped organizing chairs, tables and drinks. Thank you Rhudde Vitug for the generosity of feeding the prayer warriors with bread, chips and drinks. Our Lady Of Fatima may bless you always.

There was a procession of the statues of Our Lady of Fatima, Saint Joseph, and Sto. Niño, while singing “Ave Maria”. It was immediately followed by the flowers offering.

Our Virgin Mother Mary was so grateful for all your selfless dedication, and a day of consecration of yourself to her this day when she asked you for your presence.

2. Mother Mary of Fatima - Rosary Rally 2015 10 10

You can also watch the related Videos at:::
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