Vhong Navarro Live @ Club 88

Vhong Navarro held his concert @ Club 88 in Cache Creek last March 6 & 7, 2015. The runner-up on the eleventh season of the reality show American Idol, Jessica E Sanchez, was his special guest who sangs her 4 winning performance songs. The international artist who has toured several countries for concert performances, Miriam Pantig, was featured on the show.


Related Video:
1. http://youtu.be/fT1ht2aoeIk (Miriam Pantig was Featured and Sang “Halo’ @ Cache Creek)
2. http://youtu.be/fo51GTB5tco (Jessica Sanchez Sang ‘This Love’)
3. http://youtu.be/vYAasETe_iU (Jessica Sanchez Sang ‘And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’ @ Cache Creek)
4. http://youtu.be/6b3DQ8vidlY (Jessica Sanchez Sang ‘At Last’ @ Cache Creek)
5. http://youtu.be/jD75fxe6hZo (Vhong Navarro Dance Steps @ Cache Creek – P1)
6. http://youtu.be/ejc-D4PzmaQ (Vhong Navarro Dance Steps @ Cache Creek – P2)
7. http://youtu.be/A_wbmXSlBEk (Vhong Navarro Dance Steps @ Cache Creek – P3)
8. http://youtu.be/nCIT5dUrCkg (Vhong Navarro Sang ‘Totoy Bibo’ @ Cache Creek)
9. http://youtu.be/a4TP_3gNiCE (Vhong Navarro Impersonated Robin Padilla @ Cache Creek)
10.http://youtu.be/DwPy1bmsmsw (Vhong Navarro Dramatized ‘Nasayo Na ang Lahat’ @ Cache Creek)


About Richard Lao, CPA, MSMOT

I am just a regular 'T-shirt and Jeans' guy who love to travel and take pictures of beautiful people and places.
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